First Lutheran Church of West Seattle

A Beacon of Hope and Grace



The Presentation

of Our Lord —

Sunday, February 2nd 


“The divine Word is opposed by all the factions…. For Christ must be a target or sign to be spoken against, as it is written in Luke 2:34, and yet He is also a precious sign. Thus the Church of God was also one and singular from the beginning, and yet she was in great turmoil, for she had a clear and singular doctrine. Nevertheless, they all lie in wait for us…. There is all this ranting and raving against us, and they are madly furious at us. This is the ‘dwelling,’ as the psalm says, ‘among your enemies’ (Psalm 110:2). The flock that truly has God’s Word must suffer, but the others… they can tolerate.”


(Luther’s Works 68:265)







  Holy Saturday  
Come experience the Burial of Our Lord in all the glory of the ages.  This short mystical liturgy is preparation for the evening Vigil of Easter, which is celebrated each year, and finalizes what begins on Maundy Thursday.