Holy Week &

Easter Schedule


Plan to join us for our Holy Week and Easter Festival Liturgies, the listing of times and places are on the back of this page.


Also, note that we will be having our Easter Brunch, Easter morning, 9 to 10 am, sponsored by the April service team. 


$5 general and $12 for families.


Remember the food bank!  Bring a can or bring a bag.

April 13    Sunday of the Passion

                           8:00 am    Holy Eucharist – Chapel

                           9:00 am    Church School Passion Faire

                         10:30 am    Holy Eucharist – Procession with Palms

                           8:00 pm    Compline

April 14    Monday in Holy Week: Jesus’ Cleansing of

                             the Temple

                         11:45 am    Holy Eucharist – Chapel

                           7:00 pm    Vespers

                                            The Great Litany - Chapel

April 15    Tuesday in Holy Week: Anointing Jesus for Burial

                         11:45 am    Holy Eucharist – Chapel

                           7:00 pm    Vespers

                                            The Great Litany – Chapel

April 16    Wednesday in Holy Week: The Betrayal of Jesus by Judas

                           9:30 am    Matins - Chapel

                         11:45 am    Holy Eucharist – Chapel

                           7:00 pm    Vespers

                                            The Great Litany – Chapel

April 17    Maundy Thursday: The Last Supper

                         11:45 am    Holy Eucharist – Chapel

                           7:00 pm    Solemn Eucharist

                                            Stripping of the Altar

April 18    Good Friday: The Crucifixion of Our Lord

                         11:45 am    Holy Eucharist – Chapel

                                               (Reserved Sacrament)

                           7:00 pm    Office of Tenebrae

                                            A Liturgy of Lessons, Hymns and Prayers

                                               (Reserved Sacrament)

April 19    Holy Saturday: The Burial of Our Lord

                         11:45 am    Liturgy of the Burial – Chapel

                  Easter Vigil

                           7:00 pm    Liturgy of Light, Readings, Baptism

                                            and Holy Eucharist

April 20    The Resurrection of Our Lord – Easter

                      9:00 to 10:00 am Easter Brunch in the parish hall.

                    10:30 am     Festival Eucharist

                      8:00 pm     Compline

  Holy Saturday  
Come experience the Burial of Our Lord in all the richness of the ages.  This short magical liturgy is preparation for the evening vigil of Easter which finalizes what began on Maundy Thursday.